Nervo Óptico

I see The future of the Future.
I see the New Computer Overlord.
I see The Giant Brain.
I see the next President, a Computer.

The President Computer will rule over The New Dark Age, he will be the Information Overlord and he will build the Great Wall of Silence. Nobody knows better then he does about the Great Laws of Silence.

The New President will have a keen eye for dead people because the Occult never quite goes away.
The New Technological Species will arrive, they will be fluid, or, if you prefer, chaotic.
Animist Echoes would be Omnipotent, or, if you prefer, Mainstream.
A low-level of Understandable Paranoia and Anxiety will be infatuated by a particular Noise Posing as Signal.

The Political-pshycological Post Traumatic-stress Disorder will be over.